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In back country fishing you will be fishing the shallow water grass flats and around mangrove islands.  In the Peace River, Myakka River and in the Charlotte Harbor. You will be catching a variety of fish.  The main fish includes Redfish, Snook, Trout and Snapper.

Redfish is also known as the Red Drum.  Redfish can be caught all year round.

Snook is a silver fish with a black line through their side.  Snook is a challenging fish to catch.  They like to jump and spit the hook.  These fish always run for a structure when they get hooked.  Snook is temperamental to the cold waters and the best time to catch these fish is spring through fall because they love the warmer waters. 

Mangrove Snapper, my wife’s favorite fish to catch.  They may be small to the comparison to redfish and snook, but they give a fight.  They are the best eating fish. 

Trout is a prevalent fish that can be caught year-round.

Charlotte Harbor and the feeding rivers and excellent place to catch a variety of fish. Please see types of fish to see what else can be caught in this area.

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