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Breezy Harbor, But You can Hide!!!

Oh, my goodness, the past few days has been windy however, in the Charlotte Harbor and the Rivers we found places to hide from the wind and caught an abundance of fish. Charlotte Harbor has numerous places to hide from this wind and still go fishing.

When the tide is high, redfish were in the bushes and trees and when it slowly started to go out we caught them two to three feet away from the trees. We caught several red fish between 20 to 28 inches and weighting about six to eight pounds. Is it the start of Red October?? We hope so!!

While snooping, we caught several adolescent snook, which was phenomenal. These little snook swipe your bait and then you are on for a little fight. However, they are no match for “Mamma” that could be lurking for dinner. When she swipes at your bait, you better hold on, she will give you a run for your money. Just ask my wife. We caught a beautiful 30 incher, today.

We also got a few trout and mangrove snapper, but they were scattered. If you catch a mangrove snapper you are still be able to bring him home for dinner. They make the best snapper sandwich.

As our adventure continued to dodge the wind, we end up finding some juvenile tarpon in the back country. I could not believe it!! They would eat the chummed bait that we threw but we could not get one on the hook.

Jack Crevalle, are cruising everywhere!! Hang onto your line, they take it to the limit if you let them. Your rods are bent and got a fight on your hands. One of our favorite fish to fight. They have been ranging from one pound up to seven pounds.

Tight Lines.

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