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Peace River Fishing

The past week on the Charlotte Harbor has been absolutely unreal, despite the cooler temperatures. The fish has been biting like crazy. Every client on the boat had bent rods. With this fish or that fish.

Bait still has been easy to get in the north end of the harbor, still able to get all you need to go.

Have been fishing the upper Peace River. We caught several snooks. After counting to twenty we stopped. We caught several short snook, however there were some thirty plus in the mixture.

While catching snook there were schools of snapper, that showed up for the eating frenzying of the free food. We caught several keepers. Client could have gone home with dinner, however they decided to throw them back for another day.

We caught several jacks, here in there, while fishing for the snooks.

You should have seen the gars that were in the River, there were ranging any from six inches to three-four feet. The Peace River was loaded with them.

We caught several sheep heads.

Tight Lines

Capt. Scotty Roe

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