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Snook Fishing

Could not believe it, the bait is still in Charlotte Harbor. Had to work for it. There was a mixture of greenbacks and sardines. Make sure that you use a smaller mesh, quarter-inch cast net, otherwise, you will get Christmas Tree of bait.

There is plenty of fish in the Harbor and up the Peace River.

In the canals will be able to catch small snooks, mangrove snapper, and small redfish.

My client caught a whopper of fourteen-inch mangrove snapper, which is barely heard of in the canals.

In the backcountry, there were several smaller and slot size redfish that were spotted and a client caught many from sixteen-inch to twenty-two inches. The client got broken off on numerous occasions, by bigger redfish.

Snook was smacking everywhere when chum was thrown out. Several snooks were caught in between twenty to twenty-six inches. If you go up the Peace River, you have about an hour to fish before the bait starts to die. The river water, salt salinity is low, due to all the rains. Artificial is the way to fish upriver. The snook still rammed the artificial bait like it would with live bait. Had several snooks smack the line and take off to just spit the hook.

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